Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My first day here and cheers to a (hopefully) long journey

I love cooking. Let me say that again, I LOVE COOKING. I read cookbooks and blogs, watch food network, discuss traditional Konkani recipes with my mom, dissect the dish in front of me when we dine out, ask people to guess what the ingredients are when I have them over for lunch.. Things I do may sound lame but let me tell you I enjoy it every bit.

I usually end tweaking recipes. You ask Why? Hmm..let me say, because I just cant resist the temptation of adding something that the recipe never called for.

When i am cooking I have people looking over my shoulders with wrinkly noses, knitted eyebrows, constipated looks :-p but that doesn’t deter my unconditional resolve to try out something different. They are not always a success but it leaves me amused and then the remote possibility that I might end up on “Food network”

However when my attempt in the kitchen is a success, it makes it here.

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