Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mint chutney

I grow my own mint and have an abundant supply of fresh mint year long. Having a perennial supply of chutney would be a wonderful thing but alas they dont have a long shelf life. So when I make a big batch of chutney I keep a little in the refrigerator and the rest in the freezer.
Mint chutney is the accompaniment to a lot of Indian snacks, like bhajiyas, wadas plus its super simple to make.

1 cup Fresh Cilantro washed and stems removed
1 cup Fresh Mint washed and stems removed
3 tbsp grated coconut(fresh or frozen)
2 tbsp Fried channa daal
5-6 Green chilies or as per taste(I ran out of green chillies so substituted it with 4tsp of red chili powder, it turned out equally good.)
3 tbsp lemon juice
Salt as per taste

Grind all the ingredients together. The greens already have water in them so be careful how much water you add. I usually keep a glass of water handy and keep adding it in the mixer when the ingredients become too dry to grind(you will know because the mixer will start making a loud noise when stuff in it gets too dry to grind.)
Do a taste check. This is how I usually do it.
- If there is less of anything like salt or spiciness, you are lucky its a easy fix, just add a little of whats missing do a quick pulse in the mixer.
- If its over spicy, add some lemon juice. Sourness kills spice, a useful tip from my mom.
- If its salty then there is more work needed to fix it, you will have to add more of all the ingredients except salt and re-grind. I hate to get in this situation and usually add less salt because its easy to add more later if needed.

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