Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ragi Dosa (Millet Flatbread)

Millet or Ragi can be compared to wheat for its protein content. Also its high in VitaminB and Folic acid. There are several millet dishes some that I have tried out are, Ragi mudde(millet flour cooked in water and then rolled into round balls) which is a common meal served with a whole Onion in south India, Bhakris(flat bread) in Maharashtra, Kasaya(millet flour cooked in milk and sugar added at the end). And finally Ragi Dosa which was an occasional tea time snack my mom prepared.

1. 2 cups Ragi flour
2. 1 cup rice flour
3. 5 cups water
4. 2 tbsp curds
5. 1/4 cup onion finally chopped
6. 5 green chillies chopped
6. 1 tsp cumin
7. 1 sprig each of cilantro and mint chopped(optional)
Salt as per taste

1. Whisk all the ingredients together
2. Heat a greased griddle on medium heat and pour in a ladle of batter, spread it by slightly tilting the pan so that the batter has spread all over the surface of the griddle.
3. Let it cook for about 2-3 mins and flip over when its golden brown on one side.
4. Let it turn golden brown on the other side before pulling it off.
Serve with chutney or ghee.

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