Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Veggie Sandwich

I wanted to post this a long time back but whenever I make these sandwiches they disappear before I can reach for my camera. Today was my lucky day, I was back with my camera before they were gone:)

If you want to be creative this is the recipe for you.. the choice of vegetables is immense, really, sky is the limit. I throw in whatever vegetables are in my fridge. Some of my favorites are shredded carrots, slices of beets, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, olives, lettuce, and more. It takes roughly about 5 mins to put together and you have a meal ready! Its a personal favorite on days when I am back from work tired and in no mood to cook anything elaborate.

2 tsp Mint-Cilantro chutney or Coconut Chutney
2 tbsp Shredded cheese any kind will do (I prefer Mozzarella)
1 tsp Butter
Veggies of your choice either sliced or julienned. This time I had:
2 slices each of - tomato, avocado, boiled potato
Julienned- Onion and Bell Pepper

Salt and Pepper as per taste


1. Spread butter on one side of both the slices and on medium heat let them become a golden brown. Repeat on the other side.
2. Spread chutney on one side of both the slices
3. Take one slice, with chutney side up add shredded cheese and then assemble all the veggies on it.
4. Put a dash of salt and pepper
5. Place the other slice on top.

Go for it :)


  1. Dear Miss Prabhu, thank you for this most excellent recipe. I have some questions:

    1. Are there any vegetables that would not work well in a sandwich?
    2. Is it possible to use a different type of chutney, such as mango? How about using less, like 1.5 tsp?
    3. Should I use red, white, or yellow onion?

    I look forward to your answers.

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  4. @anonymous

    1. I think its trial and error with veggies, if you tried something out and didnt like it please let me know. But the once I have mentioned do go well in sandwiches.
    2. I havent tried it with mango chutney. Amount of chutney can be adjusted depending upon how much spice you can take.
    3. Any kind of onions would do.. but red onions are preferable.